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“Let’s take a moment and break the ice, so my intentions are known, see I have pity in watching you suffer, I know the feeling of being damned alone, I’ve got a storybook all my own.” – Avenged Sevenfold, Rock Band
To say that the book “Dream Training” and aspirations grew out of many temporary defeats is an understatement.

Colin Gilmartin grew up in New Hampshire where his parents tried their best to provide him and his two younger brothers with a good home and life’s necessities. Colin readily admits that he was an average student, doing the minimum to get by. Playing sports was always his favorite activity, and he began playing soccer in a rec league at age 6. He took his first drink at age 12 with a friend in his parents’ basement, and from there made increasingly poor choices, gradually resulting in being suspended during his high school senior year for being drunk at school. He did graduate, and started college at St. Anselm College.

Colin finished his freshman year on academic probation, and his parents declined to pay for another semester of partying instead of studying. In December 8th, 1989, at age nineteen, Colin hit rock bottom after racking up ten felony charges in an eight-month period. He recalls his mom driving him home from jail and his dad saying to him, “You’re a loser, and you’re a scum bag, and you’re going to prison.” Colin had nothing to say; his dad was right.

For the next two weeks before Christmas, Colin did his best to drink it all away, considering whether death might be a better option to prison. Sitting in his room shortly before Christmas of 1989, Colin made a decision to not give up, to crawl out of the hole he had dug himself. He took his last drink December 23rd, 1989. Desperate to face his own fears, Colin signed himself into Straight Inc., a long-term treatment center, on January 4th, 1990. As the fog cleared, he realized he wanted to do two things: get his license back, and go back to school and play soccer. Also during these sixteen months, a seed was planted; a tiny thought that maybe he could help kids following in his footsteps avoid his mistakes, and make better decisions for their own lives.

Colin’s sixteen months at Straight Inc, were immediately followed up by four months of Shock Incarceration, a tough four-month boot camp for first-time, nonviolent offenders. This was Colin’s first introduction to Napoleon Hill’s philosophy of individual achievement.

On the same day Colin exited Shock Incarceration, he went back to school, playing soccer and taking classes at St. Anselm College. He first majored in psychology, to get some grasp of understanding himself better, and later changed his major to criminal justice, as a study of what his life had been. Injuries sidelined his soccer playing during his senior year, and Colin began coaching at age 23, starting with the junior varsity team at his own former high school. He remembers, “These kids were willing to do anything I asked, because they knew that I cared, they knew their purpose and what I was preparing them for. They knew that I had been exactly where they were, and that I cared.” Colin graduated from St. Anselm College in 1994 with a B.S. in Criminal Justice. He knew he couldn’t get a regular job with his criminal record, so instead he focused on improving his coaching skills for the next few years, trying to make an impact. “Coaching soccer was the vehicle for me to give hope and an opportunity to people that were coming in after me. That was the start of it.”

His first full-time coaching job started in 1997, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, but wherever he achieved success, jealous rivals could always dig up his past misdeeds to derail him. After his past history followed him to several states, Colin finally made a decision to tell his students’ parents about it before rumors could start, in Worcester, Mass. Astonishingly, they took it well. In 2004, Colin finally was able to have his criminal record officially cleared, though this would never stop people from saying whatever they wanted.

An incredible chain of events brought Colin to Louisiana in 2008. Colin had become close friends online with an amazing soul, Ashley Nicole Perrin. Shortly before they could ever meet, Ashley died in a car accident. Devastated, Colin agreed to come meet her family after they learned about him through her journal. Things began happening quickly after that. Colin accepted a coaching job in southern Louisiana, and moved his life in order to help her family and daughter in whatever way he could. In the months following Ashley’s death, powerful things began to happen. Colin began further researching the teachings of Napoleon Hill, Bob Proctor, and others. He was introduced to the music of Avenged Sevenfold, and he began to discover the amazing gifts Ashley had left behind for him. After seeing the fear and poor self-esteem in the kids he was coaching, combined with expectations of mediocrity from their own parents, Colin knew that he had to do more.

He went searching for the right information and tools that he could give these kids, even contacted the Napoleon Hill Foundation to see what they had for kids. There was nothing available. In summer of 2011, Colin began writing, determined to quickly gather the best information he could for his young students, to train them how to differentiate between truth, fiction, and opinion, and find their own greatness inside.

Colin has completed the Leader Certification online courses and Leader Certification trip and is now in the process of completing his service project to become a fully Certified Napoleon Hill Foundation Instructor.

In March 2012, he published his first edition of Dream Training, a culmination of 20 years of gathering and classifying the best resources he could find.

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Today, his dream is to help a generation of young people recognize the power of their own minds, to embrace that power, and to do “amazing” things with it.

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