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YOU CAN thrive in your Calling


Perspectives that Promote Growth

Break out of the rut that is decaying your progress and strategize towards life and freedom. 

Participate weekly in discussions and case studies on the characteristics of  life and death and how to assess and strategize within this new perspective. 



Practices that Cultivate Intimacy

Gain valuable tools to become truly set apart from the things that are standing in the way of your sucess.  

Build Intimacy with God and align your heart posture by leading in your calling from the Secret Place. 


Strategies that Build Perseverance

Learn to face your past, push past your current distractions, and have a vision for your future. 

Don't let obstacles get in your way of fulfilling your call. Learn how to mine wisdom from your past, challenge the voices in the present, and press onwards into the future NO MATTER WHAT. 




A Community that Joins you in the Process. 

Whether you are winning, struggling, or just grinding, you don't have to lead alone. 

Embrace the "Sacred Entrepreneur" community and participate in class discussions, real life case studies, and our online Group Page. Surround your self with people who understand the struggles of wrestling with, perusing, and walking in a calling.  


Encouragement that Calibrates your Focus. 

With all the distractions you face it is  good to stay mindful throughout the week. 

Enjoy additional content and reminders posted each week in between the weekly classes. Engage in our discussion boards to be encouraged and reminded to stay in the fight, and press on towards the goal! 

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