Learn how to turn challenges into opportunities and failures into successes by taking 100% control of your mind and your destiny. Master the art of maintaining a positive mental attitude even during the toughest of times and stay focused on your goals.

“Setbacks and defeat have no power over me as I continue to make a positive difference in the world, conquering all odds by standing strong on the wings of my dreams” – Shadiya Zackaria

Napoleon Hill Foundation Certified Instructor and South Asia’s leading “Think & Grow Rich” expert Shadiya Zackaria will help you overcome self-imposed limitations, develop a positive mental attitude and discover your true potential in living the life you have always wanted to live.

Shadiya was a successful banker who displayed strong character and courage when she gave up a twenty two year flourishing banking career and the financial security and prestige that came with it to pursue her vision of transforming ordinary people into extra ordinary leaders. She founded SuccessMind Global Consultancy (Pvt) Limited, an executive training and performance coaching consultancy, in order to help people discover their purpose and maximize their potential in living an abundant life. She was able to discover her own passion and purpose in life after reading, comprehending and practicing the success principles as thought by Dr. Napoleon Hill in his International Best Sellers, “Think & Grow Rich” and “Law of Success”. This inspired her to nurture her dream and eventually make it a reality.

Yet, it has not been a smooth journey for her at all. She testifies that during the toughest of times she was able to discover her ‘other self’ – the mighty, wise, spiritual side of her that is a huge powerhouse of internal strength and resilience. She sums up her journey from failure to success as a simple but profound truth – “the essence of failure is that it is very much a part of success.”

Shadiya opted for the tough life of an entrepreneur starting all over from scratch in an entirely different field because she wanted to make a difference in the world and be counted for the contributions she makes. Today, she is successfully living her dream by helping others escape the bonds of mediocrity, find the courage to fight their self-imposed limitations and strive to become extraordinary. A committed professional with extensive experience and success in Executive Development, She serves the world as a Certified Professional Trainer, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Motivational Speaker, Communication Skills Specialist and Creative Writer, sharing her rich life experiences, priceless lessons learned along the way and personal triumphs to empower and inspire her clients to powerfully move forward in their own journey to success.

I was working as a secretary to the CEO of my company when I consulted Shadiya on, some performance related issues that I was facing in the workplace. It didn’t take long to realize that I was not happy with my work because that was not what I was cut out for. I discovered that working with people was what energized me. Shadiya empowered me to discover my real passion in life; to help people develop. Today, I am living my best life as a life coach. I would have never realized my life purpose had it not been for my inspiring coaching sessions.

Zoya Hussain, Life Coach

As a marketing professional, my job requires me to make sales presentations, conduct meetings with clients and close sales deals profitably. I was not good in public speaking or presentations delivery. Shadiya’s coaching helped me build confidence, self-esteem and to handle speaking in a positive manner. Immediately after the coaching contract ended, I was promoted as a manager. Shadiya excels in helping people build confidence and self-esteem. Now I get great feedback on my presentations and speaking has become a glowing experience.

Natalie Daniel, Manager – Sales & Marketing, World of Exotic Designs.

Imagine, what would life be like if you could perform at 100% of your potential, every single day?

With masterminding, you now can! Live life to its fullest, achieve your goals and be the person you have always wanted to be. Supercharge your personal life and boost your professional career to the next level with Shadiya!

Masterminding with Shadiya will help you:

  • Discover your passion and purpose in life and live the life you were created to live.
  • Free yourself from the grips of fear of failure and self-imposed limitations and rise above your circumstances in life.
  • Develop and maintain a Positive Mental Attitude even during the toughest of times.
  • Profit from defeat and failure by learning, transforming and appreciating your journey to success.
  • Eliminate negative thought patterns and habits by taking complete control of your mind.
  • Lead a life of gratitude and abundance starting immediately from where you are today.
  • Master the “Law of Attraction” that will help you attract all the success, riches and abundance you desire in life.
  • Build resilience, courage, determination and will power to overcome defeat and failure and manifest your dreams.

Learn how to discover and live your purpose in life, courageously burn all bridges behind you to follow your heart, overcome all obstacles and make your journey to success a story that inspires the world.

Mastermind With Shadiya on these days and times:
  (1) Monday 10.30 AM (SLST)
(2) Friday 10.00 AM (SLST)
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