Prepare Yourself For A Tremendous Mind Awakening With Certified Napoleon Hill Instructor, Author, Speaker, Philanthropist & Entrepreneur, Reverend Samuel Standley!

“When You Visualise Life So Persuasively, It Becomes Expectation. Expectation Gives Birth To Audacity And Audacity Fights Back What Life Throws At You.”
– Samuel Standley

They say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Pastor Standley had less than a lemon to start out with – and is now known for his inspirational workshops and transformational coaching.

Pastor Standley had struggled with school when he was a young boy because of the poor negative village environment in Nigeria that he was raised in.

He has spoken to thousands of people in his preaching engagements in Nigeria and the United States. He was a resident in Lafayette, Louisiana, USA for six years; working with a Rehabilitation Centre/Halfway House. His clients included prostitutes, drug addicts, homeless adults and teenagers. These individuals were in hopeless situations, but he helped them to understand that they could change their own life with the Napoleon Hill’s Philosophy, which they did through their determination.

He is the CEO of SuccessMind Awakening, an organization he recently started; inspiring youths, students and the low income earners to awaken the power of their thinking capacity. He is also Pastor of Zoe Tabernacle, a church in a local community in Yenagoa, Nigeria. He recently started to be a preacher of the Napoleon Hill’s philosophy of success by organising seminars for people who are tired of living a low life and hungry for a higher life of success. People need to be taught PRINCIPLES because they are eternal and do not change. Success has no short cut, it is principle oriented that has to be followed.

Experience Breakthroughs In Your Life!

  • Are you feeling depressed, dejected and lost spiritually?
  • Has failure overwhelmed you mentally?
  • Are you doing pretty bad academically?
  • Are you deteriorating physically?
Napoleon Hill Instructor Samuel Standley

Reverend Standley, you are a demonstrator of great oratory and leadership skills. Your work in the United States has impacted and influenced thousands of lives over many years. You have a CONTAGIOUS personality and you're well liked by the people that you served. You have built an international bridge and have represented the ability to bring people together to ADVANCE LIFE WORLDWIDE. As a mentor and friend I am fully confident that your body of work will prove to be helpful in educating and informing ANYONE in this generation and the next.

Rev. Larry J. Lloyd, Ph.D., Founder and General Overseer, Spirit of Liberty Christian Fellowship And Global Ministries, USA.

An eloquent speaker and author whose words have always been motivating and inspiring. You speak the truth and you speak life in every situation. My most memorable encounter with you was a six weeks course on “The School of Prayer” you taught. You took me to a higher spiritual level causing me to use your teaching materials over and over again for self-improvement. You have always brought a much deeper and NEEDED UNDERSTANDING into how people should APPROACH life's situations.

Hilda Jones, Director of Education, Infinity College Lafayette, LA. USA.

I have known you for over a decade. You've been a friend, mentor, leader, and great teacher to all the people around you, speaking with love and conviction. I see you as an educator through your exemplary outstanding Christian lifestyle. Your passion to impact peoples’ lives is contagious and ignites everyone around you with the same passion. I call you my faithful friend because you are able to demonstrate to me what is important in life, which is caring and staying close to what is valued most: Family.

Elder Earl J. LeBlanc, Regional Director, Athletes For Christ Outreach, Lafayette, LA. USA.

An outstanding Bible Class teacher for the much I've known you in Lafayette, Louisiana. You expounded on the Word of God with much clarity and citing references to many scriptures and would know the chapter, verses and the exact Words in the verses without opening the Bible. We all enjoyed your many teachings each time you taught.

Samantha Chopin Amos, Retired System Administrator, Author: My Journey To Wholeness

I have known Rev Sam Standley for over 20 years as a great teacher, motivational speaker and counselor. He simplifies his teachings such that his audience understands his message. Here is a man determined to succeed in life through hard work and perseverance. In Samuel Standley, failure is not an option.

Engr. Emmanuel Onabu, CEO, Change Advocate, Nigeria.

“Think And Grow Rich” is his second Bible. He tells Christians in his Church to use it as a companion to the Bible to achieve success; and he regularly quotes from it while teaching Tuesday’s Bible Class and Sunday’s worship service because the principles of Napoleon Hill are scripturally biblical. 

The following phrase from Napoleon Hill resonates the most with Samuel; “I believe in the power of DESIRE backed by FAITH, because I have seen this power lift men from lowly beginnings to places of power and wealth. I have seen it rob the grave of its victims. I have seen it serve as a medium by which men succeeded after having been defeated in a hundred different ways. I have seen it provide my own son (Blair) with a normal, happy, successful life, despite nature’s having sent him into the world without ears.”

Masterminding with Samuel will help you:

  • Connect with people who can help you with your goals because of his large network of friends.
  • Focus on what you want and off of what you do not want.
  • How to serve others in whatever way you can so that the Law of Increasing Returns and Going The Extra Mile comes back to you 100 fold.
  • Be grateful for the many blessings you have, no matter what challenges you are currently facing.
  • Put into regular, consistent, practice the 17 Principles of Success taught by the Napoleon Hill Foundation.
  • Purposefully choose and direct your 50,000 daily thoughts, which will help direct the words you speak and the actions you take toward your Definite Purpose.

Hey! There’s ALWAYS an ANSWER to every CHALLENGE you are going through.


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