Get Set To Create More Abundance In Your Life As You Transform Your Path To Financial Empowerment with Certified Napoleon Hill Foundation Instructor, Speaker and Author, Mani Maran!

“I want to help people create the right mind set to unleash the power within them.  Once you develop the right mind set, earning money using focused training will become easy.” – Mani Maran

Have you ever noticed that some people find it easier to attract money into their lives effortlessly, while others struggle financially even after putting in several hours of hard work and still find it difficult to meet even their basic living needs?

Are you caught in a vicious cycle that keeps you from achieving your dreams?

Are you looking to break free and creating the true success in life that you truly desire?

If you have been running around in circles looking for an answer, read on …

Meet author Mani Maran, an inspiring man who has written a book about attracting wealth that has been endorsed by some of the biggest names in personal development including Brian Tracy and Bob Proctor.

His real-life story starts from a humble beginning.  Mani was a shy guy working in Information Technology and did not know much about anything except databases, syntax and semantics.  Though he was successful at his corporate work, he was not so successful at the many businesses he started that ultimately failed.

“I owned and operated restaurants, apartment complexes, real estate investments and a web development business.  I was forced out of all these businesses during the economic recession in 2009, and I reached the lowest point of my financial life.  But these failures taught me lessons.

I searched for answers as to why I failed in multiple business ventures. I reached out to several business coaches and became a Napoleon Hill Foundation Certified Instructor.  I read self-revealing books and attended other money-making types of courses; these efforts helped me change my mindset.  What I realized was that success comes from within you.

Today, Mani has multiple sources of income. Not only does he have a full-time job that pays well, he also runs a successful Information business and a thriving real estate portfolio, and his book “The Magic of Attracting Money: 7 Practical Steps To Achieve Your Dreams”.

With his book, Mani helps you:

  • Develop A Winning Attitude That Builds Wealth Into Your Life
  • Develop Powerful Habits To Reach Financial Freedom
  • Harness Your Mind Power To Create Multiple Streams Of Income

There are no false get-rich-quick promises — only proven methods that will help you overcome your financial road blocks and create lasting prosperity.

The number one reason people struggle financially is that they don’t have a mentor.

Masterminding with Mani will help you:

  • Identify the connections between your beliefs and your relationship with money to make the alignment and have prosperity flowing into your life
  • The one factor that keeps most people stuck financially—and how to overcome it so you can finally stop feeling trapped and financially frustrated.
  • How to feel comfortable having more money in your life
  • Discover 5 little known ways to spend money so that every dollar spent increases your prosperity
  • Discover the 5 proven keys to attracting prosperity and eliminate all your bad money habits for good!
  • Create more wealth for you and your loved ones with little effort
  • Learn two transformational techniques to remove any limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from achieving your financial goals all these years.
  • And many more..

All of us want to be financially free and to make changes in our lives but do not know how. Commit to your personal success and seize this opportunity to create the life you have been dreaming of… Today!

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