Inspiring you to develop Success Awareness, Self-Motivation, Entrepreneurship and Creative Thinking necessary to form a Mastermind Group to achieve a worthwhile purpose …

Believe in what truly makes you happy, then live for what you want to achieve.

A Certified Napoleon Hill Foundation Instructor, Class of 2012. Mr. Rayzor has been recognized as a VIP member of The Cambridge Who’s Who Registry of Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs. Mr. Rayzor can inspire you to develop Success Awareness, Self-Motivation, Entrepreneurship, and Creative Thinking necessary to form a Mastermind Group to achieve a worthwhile purpose.

Throughout Mr. Rayzor’s early study of Dr. Napoleon Hill’s Success Philosophy, he was inspired to combine his passion for inventing and education. Since then his purpose has been defined to create products and services that encourage educating through the value of play. Jeremy Rayzor can help you to discover your own purpose necessary to start developing and maintaining your Mastermind Group… vital for success!

Mr. Rayzor is the founder of Rayzor Sharp Entertainment, Inc. He is a passionate inventor of unique card and board games that educate through the value of play. He believes in quality family engagement that encourages human interaction.

He is the inventor of…
• “Math Wiz the Puzzle Card Game” which encourages practicing mental arithmetic in a fun approach.
• “Paper Football Card Game” which players use strategic thinking and math skills.
• “Achievus” Discover the keys to achieve together with this cooperative board game of positive interaction which offers a fun way to learn and review Napoleon Hill’s 17 Principles of Success in a fun approach for adults and children alike.
• “Ticket to Wealth” 100% Pure Mental Gold!”… a Napoleon Hill Foundation Licensed Leadership Card Game. This Leadership tool provides 100 multiple choice challenges to learn and review Napoleon Hill’s 17 Principles of Success in a group setting. Players discuss the knowledge necessary to earn the wealth of happiness and prosperity.

The mission of his business is “Educating through the value of play!” and slogan “Don’t Be DULL! Be Rayzor Sharp!

  • Do you feel your life is exciting and rewarding?
  • Have you discovered a labor of love?
  • Are your relationships encouraging and supportive?
  • Would you like positive change for your future?

I am competitive when playing games, so finding that you really are playing a team mind game where there is no single winner there is just a score to beat… your score. This is what is most interesting about Achievus. The students could play Achievus and continually beat their personal best. The principle cards that are to be read out loud are at a knowledge base far beyond my current student’s comprehension so having to use dictionaries to look up words also incorporate vocabulary into the game. So there is problem solving, teamwork, some math, vocabulary, and leadership skills within the group while playing Achievus. I think the more Achievus is played, the more students will understand the advanced portion of the game. This game could definitely build cognitive functioning and increase brain synapses.

Hailey, Business Teacher

The positive focus and emphasis on working together as a team and accomplishing victory or losing as a team is what I find most interesting when playing Achievus. It was hard to catch onto at first and lots to learn, but doable. Achievus is a fun and different way of learning and applying a positive message and set of principles that can make a difference.

Phil, Career Specialist

Masterminding with Mr. Rayzor will help you to:

  • Realize your own purpose to establish a course for your life.
  • Develop an attractive personality to maintain successful relationships with others.
  • Encourage positive relationships for a success consciousness environment.
  • Think creatively to solve problems and overcome obstacles.

Improve your social connections through applying Napoleon Hill’s Success Philosophy today!

Mastermind With Jeremy on these days and times:
(1) Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm MST
(2) Sunday evenings at 7:00pm MST
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