Two Time Author And Emotional Intelligence Expert Reveals His PROVEN System For Winning Complete Control Over Your Emotions And Finding Peace In As Little As 30 Minutes…Even If You Have Struggled For Years With Your Temper…

Taylor Tagg is the author of Enrich Your Sunrise and The Path To A Peaceful Heart, a professional speaker and an emotional intelligence expert.

Becoming a master of his emotions wasn’t an easy road for Taylor. Before he wrote “The Path to A Peaceful Heart”, he toiled and struggled for the better part
of thirty years to make sense of a challenging childhood and live a “normal” life. Taylor suffered from self-doubt, sabotaging behaviours and a myriad of negative
perspectives that kept him small and hidden.

Lack of meaningful answers to the following questions challenged Taylor’s ability to move forward and kept him frozen in time:

  • Why can’t I ever have a meaningful and long lasting relationship?
  • Why do I keep reacting negatively to everything people say?
  • Why do I seem to want revenge against people who slight me?
  • Why do I keep struggling to share my emotions when I really need to?

I know Taylor Tagg to be a man of integrity, insight, and generosity. He has the skill of listening deeply, and the art of using your words to open a window on your soul. He has made it his mission in life to bring peace and joy into the lives of those he meets, and I, for one, have benefited from that mission often.

Michael Kelberer
President, Writing That Means Business

You have been an amazing accountability partner that has willingly invested your time supporting my needs. You are good at hearing what is being said and provide constructive feedback on what is needed. You have been reliable and consistent in being fully present when we meet. You are thoughtful and offer suggests that have moved me forward. I am grateful to you and for your support.

Dorothy Lazovik
President, Authentic Leader's Edge

Thank you for your ability to share your life and system as an inspiration to those who want to heal themselves and grow. Healing our hurt is the key to creating a great life. You do an amazing job helping people realize this and forgive themselves.

Bill Ferguson
Best Selling Author of “How To Get Your Power Back” , featured on Oprah

All these negative beliefs dissolved forever when Taylor experienced the power of forgiveness and learned the steps of letting go. His perspective and outlook also changed dramatically as he began to experience how to control his emotions in every situation. Furthermore, Taylor learned precisely how to invoke peace anywhere, anytime and remain in complete control over his own personal power.

The silver lining for you is that Taylor has done the hard work already. He has acquired the knowledge to consistent mental freedom, emotional relief and peace of mind.

Now, he wants to share his priceless knowledge with you. You don’t have to possess any special talent or skill to learn his system!

You just need to know HOW to apply emotional control and invoke peace into your life when you really need it. Taylor keeps his system simple and easy to understand.

He also shares it in a way that empowers and inspires everyone he meets.

Taylor is an accomplished author, professional speaker and powerful trainer who is passionate about:

  • Helping people master their emotions,
  • and find lasting peace and happiness!

Having a healthy emotional strategy is the key to soaking up all that life has to offer or continually suffering at the hands of the world. It’s your choice.

Is today the day you put an end to the constant emotional struggle and heartache and begin a new?

On Your Journey With Taylor, A Sample Of What You Will Learn Includes:

  • An Introduction To Emotional Intelligence and its countless benefits.
  • The One Adjustment You Must Make To Immediately Improve All Of Your Relationships.
  • A Comprehensive List of Tips To Improve Your Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Health.
  • A Simple 5-step System for Conquering Your Emotions and Finding Peace.
  • 28 Proven Strategies to Become #1 in Emotional Mastery Leadership At The Office.
  • The One Mistake That Makes You “Lose Your Temper” And Say Words You Wished You Could Take Back.
  • Learn The Golden Technique That Assures You Stay Calm Every Time.
  • 8 Steps To Complete Forgiveness That Ensures Your Long Term Suffering Never Returns!
  • 8 Steps To Inner Fulfillment and Healthy Happiness.
  • …and a whole lot more!
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Tuesday – 6.30PM CST/ 7.30PM EST
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