Combining 25+ years’ experience of Corporate professional career together with personal Coaching and the valuable inspiration of Napoleon Hill’s work, Eduard can help you advance in the direction of your goals and achieve all that what you want in life…

Born in a small town in Spain, Eduard had the opportunity to develop himself in a Global, Multinational and Multicultural environment by joining IBM’s ranks as a junior professional, right after college.

IBM’s crisis in the 1990s opened a new world of challenges and opportunities where the real Professional and Personal growth for Eduard started. Always a part of big corporations during his employment experience, succeeding in dynamic and challenging environment was only possible through sustained Individual and Team Peak Performance.

Considered as one of his best decisions in life, Eduard developed his career in three different countries, getting to know how to successfully integrate the cultural differences and synergise team and individual performance.

The exposure and access to Napoleon Hill’s works opened a totally new perspective and understanding of what success means and how to achieve it.

Eduard has made it his mission to help people to avoid his mistakes and achieve what they want while maintaining a well balanced, healthy and enriched life.

“Go as far as you can see. When you get there, you will see how you can go farther”
~ Thomas Carlyle

Are You Currently Facing These Challenges?

  • Searching for a clear, detailed idea about who you can and want to become
  • Currently frustrated and finding yourself running in circles looking for success in life
  • Looking to move ahead in your stagnant career
  • Looking for a source of inspiration in your life to lift you and provide a direction

Eduard is the perfect team mate and business partner, he was able to jump on the business and immediately receive the appreciation and trust from the whole team. I always appreciated Eduard’s support and contribution, he’s very focused on business and amazingly able to maintain a superb relation with his team, as a motivator and a source of inspiration, a great leader and a great friend. You know you’ll always be able to count on him!

Roberto Corti
Asia Operation Manager, Jinan Trafimet Ltd

Eduard it is a focus-oriented person and his patience and structured way of working can recommend him for effective results.

Roxana Badea
Founder & Manager, Centrul de Dezvoltare Personală și Relaxare ASTERI
Eduard’s 25 years of valuable, hand-on experience leading multicultural teams in 3 countries brougth him both personal and professional achievements. While professional successes are critical to move towards your goals, the personal development and value added to other people’s lives are the most rewarding and satisfying.

                        Now you can use Eduard’s guide and support to achieve YOUR success.

All this boils down to implementing an easy to follow system and working with someone who knows what to do and how to do it. This combination helps YOU to achieve more in life!

Masterminding with Eduard will help you:

  • Get crystal clear about what you what.
  • Understand and model after the steps of successful people, in getting what you want.
  • Connect with like-minded people.
  • Discover the critical changes that have to take place inside of you that cannot be skipped.
  • Be accountable for your success.

Being successful in life means you are constantly pushing yourself forward. It means you are setting goals, making plans, and following through.

It’s hard to do all this on your own. 

Let Eduard provide you the support, to keep you motivated, focused and on track today!

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