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In 2009, Peter was open to finding the path that truly defined who he was and how that could lead to his desire of helping others. This opportunity presented itself through a cup of coffee. He was introduced to Organo Gold and the incredible leadership that he now calls family. Through this business opportunity Peter has been submerged in personal developement and growth. His mentor helped him to fast track this process through the Napoleon Hill Certification Program offered by the Napoleon Hill Foundation and the result is a commitment to life long learning and growing as he become a certified Napoleon Hill Instructor. Wow! What a journey this life is turning out to be.

Peter Kamerman

has always been an entrepreneur at heart. Since he was a boy he started selling things and worked within his family’s business. When he was 18 he was given a copy of Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich. He read this life changing books many time through his life and was always aspiring to achieve greatness.

In 2000, Peter along with his wife, Christiane packed their belongings and moved from Eastern Canada to the West Coast and settled on Vancouver Island. They currently live in Nanaimo, BC with their four children. Their journey in business has seen great times as well as adversity. In every adversity Peter has always held firm to the belief that there will be an equal or greater benefit. This positive outlook continues to open new doors of opportunity and has allowed Peter to surround himself with amazing successful people.

In 2012, Peter had the opportunity to go through the Napoleon Hill certification process in Ireland hosted by the Napoleon Hill Foundation. This opportunity was gifted to Peter by his mentor for showing leadership and purpose. “The experience of this event is hard to put into words but the life changing impact will be felt for the remainder of my life.” explains Peter.

Peter has completed the Leader Certification online courses and Leader Certification trip and is now in the process of completing his service project to become a fully Certified Napoleon Hill Foundation Instructor.

Peter is currently partnering with an innovative company that works with mobile marketing. This opportunity to help share the ideas and guide others through a mastermind group using Napoleon Hill’s teachings is a way for Peter to give back for the gift he received.

Peter now works to help others in their personal journey as well as this gives him the ultimate reward of fulfillment. Isn’t that what we all seek? To be truly fulfilled? Check out his Mastermind Timings below and connect with him today!

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