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Certified Napoleon Hill Foundation Instructor and Serial Entrepreneur, will help you purposefully choose, direct, and control the approximately 50,000 thoughts you have every single day…especially during the tough times in your life

Alexander Alfaro

  • CEO, Founder and Chief Logistics Consultant at SCL Group, a multi-mode Carrier Direct Logistics Consulting Firm
  • Personal Fitness Trainer through The National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • Napoleon Hill Instructor and Leader in-training

“We are surrounded by negativity… War, Crime, Drugs, Poverty, Sickness, all emphasized by Negative Television. People are unhappy, unfriendly and angry on a daily basis, which creates an abundance of negative energy. Without a plan you will be consumed by this negative energy without even realizing it. You must take the necessary actions on a daily basis to maintain a positive mental attitude. You must create your own positive thoughts, or else you’ll be thinking someone else’s negative ones. ” Alex Alfaro

Napoleon Hill listed his 12 Riches of Life the first of which, and most important being the one that eludes most people…A Positive Mental Attitude. With PMA anything is possible and it starts with awareness of your mental state. Taking back control of your mind is a process. SCL Mastermind Group preaches in doing the right things on a daily basis that keep the mind positive. Inspiring Daily Growth by reading positive books and listening to audios, Setting Goals, Eating Healthy, Getting/Keeping Fit, but most importantly…knowing what you want, walking with expectancy and feeling good NOW.

  • Do you feel your life is exciting and rewarding?
  • Have you discovered a labor of love?
  • Are your relationships encouraging and supportive?
  • Would you like positive change for your future?
  • Have you discovered your true God given Definite Purpose, the reason you were created?
  • Would you like to make a positive contribution to the world and leave a legacy that outlasts you?
  • Would you like an Encourager in your life to help you become all that God created you to be?

What Do Clients Say About Alex?

Alex and I have been life long friends. We have literally grown up together since we were 5 years old. As we grew our lives took different paths. Somewhere along my journey I lost site of who I was and what I could become. When Alex engaged in Napoleon hill’s Laws of Success he began to reach out to me and he honestly helped rebuild me to a strong, positive, motivated individual. He never gave up on me, but more importantly taught me never to give up on myself, and for that I am forever grateful. Without the laws of success I don't know where he would be today, but I know exactly where I would be. With the laws of success he saved my life.

Ajian Diaz, Independent Sales Consultant/CEO Honor and Greed Clothing

Alexander is exceptionally inspired and passionate, two attributes that have contributed to his financial success and his coaching ability. I have been fortunate to know Alexander for almost a decade and I was able to witness his extraordinary transformative journey. I can assuredly submit this as testament to his exceptional ability as a practitioner and coach of the Napoleon Hill philosophy.

Marshall "Ras MG" Goodman, Drummer, Music Producer, Song Writer for Sublime, Long Beach Dub Allstars & Owner of Marshall Arts Music, L.L.C.

Alex, as a Laws of Success coach, leads by example. He lives the laws and applies them day in and day out in his own personal life and in his business. I have been privileged to know Alex previous to him becoming a coach and starting his own Logistics Consulting firm. He has implemented the laws and inspires everyone around him with his results, consistent action and discipline. I am proud be in business with him and to call him a mentor, coach and most importantly a friend. If anyone lives Napoleon Hill's principals and is willing to teach others without anything in return other than that person's success, in my opinion it is Alex Alfaro.

Beny Bravo, Logistics Consultant/Operations Manager

Through his public training sessions, Alex inspires people to become resilient and to live positively through the challenges of life.

Alex will help you discover and pursue your Definite Chief Aim and keep you accountable to it and your goals.

Looking for an accountability partner? Alex will help to you in these areas:

  • Learn the things that will help you maintain a Positive Mental Attitude
  • Discover your passion and purpose in life and live the life you were created to live
  • Connect with people who can help you with your goals
  • Focus on what you want and off of what you do not want
  • How to serve others in whatever way you can so that the Law of Increasing Returns and Going The Extra Mile comes back to you 100 fold
  • Be grateful for the many blessings you have, no matter what challenges you are currently facing
  • Put into regular, consistent, practice the 17 Principles of Success taught by the Napoleon Hill Foundation
  • Purposefully choose and direct your 50,000 daily thoughts, which will help direct the words you speak and the actions you take toward your Definite Purpose

If you are ready to channel positive energy into your lives, you would want to consider masterminding with Alex today!

Mastermind With Alex on these days and times:
(1) Tuesday – 7.30pm
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